Amateur Swimming Club

Worsley ASC

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Coached by: Lauren Chew and Dan Bateson

Training Times
 8pm - 9pm
 8pm - 9pm
  7.30pm - 8.30pm

The Worsley Barracudas are our main group for competitive age group swimmers. This group consists of swimmers who are aged between 9 - 14 years of age, who compete in regular competitions for Worsley and other clubs. This group contains a number of swimmers who swim at county, regional and even national level through squads such as City of Salford and Manchester Aquatics.

Through this group, we give children all of the components they need to develop into successful competitive swimmers. We focus on long term athlete development and our aim is to make sure that our swimmers aged 9-14 are still competing way beyond this. According to the British Swimming Long Term Athlete Development Plan, at this stage in a child's swimming career the focus should be around 'SwimSkills - Building the Technique' and 'Training to Train - Building the Engine'. Broken down, a swimmer aged 9-14 years should be focussing primarily on stroke technique and aerobic conditioning. 

Through our Barracuda sessions, we offer a combination of these two very important yet very different focuses. Our specialist one-hour technique session on a Friday evening is where we break the strokes and skills down and work on technique at a very low intensity.

We want to help our swimmers to be successful in their youth, but our main goal is for them to one day become top-class international athletes competing on the world stage. We hope that in ten years time we can add some more names to our already very long list of successful international swimmers!