Amateur Swimming Club

Worsley ASC

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Training Times
 3 hours per week

 7pm - 8pm

Jade Ockerby

 7pm - 8pm

Claire Gorvett

  Friday  is an open session available for all groups
 7:30pm - 8:30 pm 
 Daniel Bateson & Jade Ockerby

Our Nemo group is the start of our Worsley ASC Training Scheme. This group is equivalent to an advanced swim academy swimmer.This is where swimmers have now developed the foundations and can swim very well, with good technique across all four strokes. This is where swimmers can now begin to develop their fitness and stamina in the pool. Whether a child wishes to go into competitive swimming, swimming for fitness or just swimming for fun, building stamina is the key to ensure every child can get the most out of the sport, and can stay fit and healthy.

In this group, swimmers will start to swim more lengths, averaging between 40 - 60 lengths per hour (approx 1000- 1200m). The sessions will still focus on stroke development, as this is a key aspect of swimming for whatever age group, but they will do this at a higher intensity. Swimmers will also practise some fast swimming, and take part in time trials, fitness tests and fun activities such as relay races and inter-nemo competitions.

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