Amateur Swimming Club

Worsley ASC

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Training Times
 3 hours per week

 7pm - 8pm

Elishia Wolstencroft

 7pm - 8pm

Jade Ockerby

 Friday is an open session available for all groups
 7:30pm- 8:30 pm 
 Daniel Bateson & Jade Ockerby

The Worsley ASC Penguins is our group for our fast-paced fitness lovers! Swimmers in this group are generally aged over 9 years old and by this stage in our programme they are really starting to build up their aerobic engines. This session is generally equivalent to Salford level SS1. Their coaches are their fantastic motivators and work really hard to ensure that the children work hard, stay focussed and enjoy their sessions! The children in this group average between 50-60 lengths per session, with a lot of focus on freestyle and Individual Medley work, but the coaches keep things fresh and interesting by throwing in games, inter-penguin challenges and competitions for the children.

By this stage, our children are usually old and strong enough to start competing in our competitions (age 9). Therefore the coaches spend a lot of time ensuring that children are able to practise their diving, short, fast sprints and finishes on all four strokes. The coaches will also spend time working on relay takeovers and team building, whilst also ensuring strokes stay technically correct and efficient.

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