Amateur Swimming Club

Worsley ASC

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Training Times
 3 hours per week

 8pm - 9pm

Loren Aherne

 8pm - 9pm

Jade Ockerby

 Friday is an open session available for all groups
 7:30pm - 8:30pm 
 Daniel Bateson & Jade Ockerby

Our Worsley Piranhas are our top group of age-group swimmers are they're our teenage mean machines! This group is targeted at swimmers aged between 13 - 17 years, with a mix of goals and ambitions, whether that be to keep fit or to compete in local competitions.

Most of these swimmers have been brought up through the club, and have developed into brilliant swimmers with great work ethic, endurance and skill. This group allows these swimmers to continue to keep fit and progress through swimming whilst having the opportunity to compete in competitions when they want to.

This group is often combined with our Barracudas, and the Piranha swimmers regularly take part in helping to help coach and demonstrate to the younger ones. Many of our Piranhas have gone on to become Worsley coaches and still jump in with the Piranhas when they get a free minute. 

The Piranhas enjoy a good mix of aerobic sets, sprint sets, technique practise and test sets to keep things interesting for them, whilst they also enjoy team building and an opportunity to socialise with their friends. This group are also often given freedom to write parts of their own sessions, or to request specific sets from a coach in order to give them more ownership over their training.

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