Amateur Swimming Club

Worsley ASC

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Coached by: James Hulse and Jade Ockerby.

Training Times
James and Jade
 6pm - 7pm
 7pm - 8pm

The Seahorses are our second highest group at Worsley and are equivelent to the Learn to Swim Stage 8. Swimmers in this group are generally aged between 6-7 years of age, but swimmers in this group can also be older.

Swimmers in this group by now should have developed their technique to a good standard, and this group is all about refining the technique across all four strokes whilst beginning to develop stamina.

In this group, a large aspect of the focus will be on swimming skills such as push and glides, diving correctly from a block, tumbleturns and correct finishes. Swimmers will also learn of the importance of kick, and developing their kick will be a large aspect of what James will include in his sessions.