Amateur Swimming Club

Worsley ASC

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Worsley Masters: Age 18+

Training Times
 3 hours per week

 8pm - 9pm

Loren Aherne

 8pm - 9pm

Claire Gorvett

 Friday is an open session available for all groups
 7:30pm- 8:30pm 
 Daniel Bateson & Jade Ockerby

The Worsley Sharks are our Masters group, targeted at adult swimmers and triathletes aged eighteen or over. This group of swimmers come to us from a wide range of ages and backgrounds with varying skill levels, be it beginners training for fitness, to competitive swimmers or triathletes.

Our skilled coaches write up sets which accomodate the needs and skill levels of our masters, focussing primarily on frontcrawl and stamina building. The sessions are designed to help build and maintain fitness, and whilst masters are able to work independently, we offer a coach as a motivator and a guide to watch stroke technique, keep track of timings and keep spirits up amongst the group.

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